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Why choose moving truck rental?

Any form of transport will prove to be very expensive. So when looking for transport you must pick the smartest options. What do we mean by smart? Getting a move done as fast as possible in least amount of loads.

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Simple Moving Truck Rental

Moving homes has always been a mission. Can you remember as a child having to help pack your parents bakkie and having to do hundreds of loads to get everything moved? It felt like the day took for forever to

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Moving Truck Rental from Power Truck Hire

Moving Truck Rental – It does not matter if you are moving homes or offices, at Power Truck Hire we have a moving truck rental option for you! Moving is a daunting task and often takes up allot of time

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Moving Truck Rental through Power Truck Hire

Are you planning a house or office move and looking for a reliable truck rental company? Moving truck rental can be a daunting task as many vehicle rental companies are out there to make a quick buck.

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Save money with moving truck rental

Moving Truck Rental Are you about to move homes and you’re are looking for a furniture removal company? Did you know you could save money through renting a truck and doing your move yourself?

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